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Semináře a workshopy oddělení 12

Workshop / Pondělí, 02.09.2019 - Pátek, 06.09.2019

In this 5-days ABINIT school we will teach the capabilities of ABINIT for ground state, linear-response properties and molecular dynamics as well as the most recent advances made in the code: noncollinear magnetism and linear response with magnetic field, PIMD, second-principles MULTIBINIT code.

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Seminář / Pondělí, 26.08.2019 14:30

Perovskite oxides are being increasingly integrated into thin films as functional layers for electrochemical energy conversion, information storage or sensing. Their coupled electro-chemo-mechanical properties determining their performance are often difficult to measure. Here we propose to use vibrational Raman spectroscopy to probe chemo-mechanics by measuring the coupling of the lattice volumetric changes (mechanic) to chemical expansion (chemo). This is done by measuring in situ Raman spectra on an electrochemical cell with a Sr(Ti,Fe)O_{3–y} working electrode whose oxygen stoichiometry is...

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