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Dynamics and Hidden Phases in Photo-Excited Mott Insulators

Pátek, 01.11.2019 12:00

Přednášející: Jiajun Li (Universität Nürnberg/Erlangen)
Místo: Zasedačka budovy A (vedle knihovny) FzÚ AVČR, Cukrovarnická 10, Praha 6
Jazyk: anglicky
Pořadatelé: Oddělení spintroniky a nanoelektroniky

In recent years, ultrafast pump-probe experiments have opened up possibilities to systematically study the excited states in strongly correlated materials. Examination of laser-induced dynamics in Mott insulators and correlated metals not only boosts the understanding of fundamental concepts such as quantum ergodicity and prethermalization in closed systems, but also assists to develop various applications including the creation of transient non-thermal states of matter and ultrafast manipulation of electronic and magnetic properties. In Mott insulators, the photo-induced dynamics is often dominated by photodoped charge carriers whose lifetime can be exponentially larger than other relevant time scales. The charge excitations can couple to various ordering in the system, leading to intertwined time evolution of the order parameters. In this talk, I will use non-equilibrium Dynamical Mean-Field Theory to demonstrate that the interplay between orders and charge excitations can give rise to tantalising ultrafast phenomena in Mott insulators. I will also discuss the relation between the theoretical studies and a recent pump-probe experiment in Sr2IrO4, where a canted ferromagnetic moment allows for precise measurement on the order-parameter dynamics.