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Anisotropic magnetoresistance in Co₂MnGa thin films

Úterý, 23.04.2019 11:00

Přednášející: Philipp Ritzinger (Technische Universität Dresden)
Místo: Zasedací místnost Fyzikálního ústavu, Cukrovarnická 10, Praha 6, budova A
Jazyk: anglicky
Pořadatelé: Oddělení spintroniky a nanoelektroniky

The full Heusler compound Co2MnGa belongs to the family of Weyl-II-semimetals. Large anomalous Nernst effect has been observed in Co2 MnGa [1] and it was attributed to non-vanishing Berry curvature close to the Weyl points making the material a promising candidate for study of exotic transport phenomena. In this work, I focus on the anisotropic magnetoresistance (AMR) in Co2MnGa thin films. The AMR is measured in a series of samples of various thicknesses t at different temperatures T allowing for a quantitative study of the AMR parameters as a function of t, T. The data is modeled using a symmetry-based model [2,3] for the AMR and various contributions are identified. While the temperature-dependence of the parameters is as expected, the dependence on t remains less well explained. I will also show preliminary magneto-thermopower measurements and discuss further plans.