Experimental and Theoretical PhD Positions in Quantum nanoscience


FZU – Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences is a leading public research institution located in Prague, Czechia. FZU is the largest institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences with more than 1100 employees. FZU pursues high-quality, innovative, and ground-breaking fundamental and applied research. Our researchers try to understand and explain the basic phenomena and processes of this world and respond to the current scientific and technical challenges of society.


Nanosurf Lab at the Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague invites applications for the PhD positions.

The successful PhD candidates (m/f/d) with high motivation and an interest in emerging quantum technologies and nanoscience will join a research team led by Pavel Jelínek.

The Nanosurf Lab aims to understand emerging quantum phenomena in low-dimensional molecular systems. The research group is a highly international team that possesses the unique synergy between the state-of-the-art experimental and theoretical which enables us a detailed understanding of the studied phenomena.

More details about the team, current research activities, and results can be found here nanosurf.fzu.cz.


    What you will do:

    The main objective of the experimental PhD study will be

  • Explore new routes of on-surface synthesis to search for novel molecular magnetic structures and their characterization with high-resolution scanning probe microscopy
  • Further development of state-of-the-art scanning probe microscopy
  • Atomic manipulation of chemical structures and charge/spin transfer in molecular structures

The PhD project will benefit from a close collaboration with synthetic chemists and in-house theory.

The main objective of the theoretical PhD study will be

  • The modeling of quantum properties of magnetic molecular nanostructures
  • Development of theoretical methods for the description of strongly correlated molecular structures
  • Understanding of quantum properties of novel molecular structures and the underlying chemical/physical processes

The PhD project will be executed in close collaboration with experimental activities conducted in Nanosurf Lab.


Required qualifications:

  • MSc. degree in physics, chemistry, material science, or related fields
  • fluent in English


Terms of employment:

  • Start of employment as soon as possible, depending on the availability of the applicant
  • Full-time/ part-time job with flexible hours, extended vacations, work from home, and a wide range of other benefits
  • 1-year contract with possible extension for the period of the PhD study


Application procedure:

  • Interested candidates are invited to apply by sending a CV and a motivation letter to Monika Svobodová at monika [dot] svobodova [at] fzu [dot] cz (monika[dot]svobodova[at]fzu[dot]cz).
  • For further information, please get in touch with Dr. Pavel Jelinek: pavel [dot] jelinek [at] fzu [dot] cz (pavel[dot]jelinek[at]fzu[dot]cz) Head of Department and Working Group.


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