Charakterizace nízkodefektního objemového GaN


Characterization and studies of Kyma Technologies, Ltd GaN:Fe samples by means of: Photoluminescence and UV-visible transmission; Transport and DLTS – guard ring masking for contact and annealing furnace preparation; X-ray study; Raman spectroscopy; Infrared spectra of sample; Vapor pressure measurement of Er and Nd organometallic precursors; Excitonic structure at the bandgap of Fe-doped GaN (5 str.); Photoluminescence and Raman scattering spectra mapping measurements; Terrahertz spectroscopy measurement; Ellipsometry; SIMS measurements; were and are running. Works were made by 11 teams (35 researchers + 8 technicians) from IoP, IPE, MU Brno, ChU Prague (FZÚ, ÚFE, PřF MU, VŠCHT). Results were presented in 4 publications, 1 is waiting for MDA approval, 3 or 4 publications and 1 USA patent (Optical transmission mapping of Fe concentration and homogeneity of GaN wafer) are in print or under preparation.