Surface Physics:

  • Photoelectron Spectroscopy,
  • Low Energy Electron Diffraction,
  • PhotoElectron Emission Microscopy,
  • Scanning Tunelling Microscopy,
  • Scanning Tunelling Spectroscopy,
  • Non contact Atomic Force microscopy,
  • structure and electronic structure of semiconductor surfaces,
  • initial stages of metal/semiconductor interface formation,
  • surface diffusion on semiconductor surfaces.

Material Science:

  • laser treatment of semiconductor surfaces,
  • application of synchrotron radiation for industrial samples,
  • dynamics of phase transitions induced by short laser pulses on semiconductor surfaces,
  • non-equilibrium processes,
  • interaction of gases with steel and other metals important in the industry.

ORCID 0000-0002-3870-4033
SCOPUS ID 7003888825