Andriy Velyhan works at FZU-ASCR in Prague as senior researcher within the ELI-Beamlines project. He is member of the RP3 team (Particle acceleration by laser research programme) working at the implementation of the ELIMAIA (ELI Multidisciplinary Applications of laser-Ion Acceleration) beamline that is focused on the acceleration of ions by ultrahigh intensity laser for future societal applications.

He is responsible of studying interaction of intense laser with advanced targets for characterizing the laser-driven ion sources in single and repetition rate. 
His expertise lies in the areas of laser plasma diagnostics. He concentrate on investigation of plasma by use of time-of-flight detection techniques (ion collectors, SiC detectors) and, electromagnetic ion spectrometers (electrostatic ion energy analyzer, Thomson parabola spectrometer) and, film radiation detectors (imaging plates, radiochromic films, CR-39).
His knowledge’s were utilized in number of projects oriented on improvement and optimization of laser-plasma sources for example in laboratories of PALS laser system, PHELIX laser facility in GSI, FLAME facility in Frascati, Saclay Laser-matter Interaction Center, Vulcan laser at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, GEKKO XII or Megajoule Plasma Focus in Warsaw.

ORCID 0000-0003-0074-3632
Scopus ID 55910401100