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Konference a workshopy

Minulé konference a workshopy

Konference / Út, 31/08/2010 - Pá, 03/09/2010

The Seminar and School will provide an ideal forum for the presentations and discussions of recent developments and achievements in all theoretical and experimental aspects of preparation processes, characterization and applications of materials in bulk, thin film, nano-crystalline and glassy states.

The scientific sessions will cover the following topics of materials science:

  1. Trends in development of materials research.
  2. Education of materials science at the universities.
  3. Information about the research programmes of individual institution

Konference / Po, 24/05/2010 - Pá, 28/05/2010

The idea of regular scientific meetings of physicist involved in studies of ferroelectrics and phase transitions in Poland and Czechoslovakia followed inevitably from the success of first such event in Blazejewko in 1979. The Seminar was organized in collaborating of the Department of Dielectric of the Institute of Physics of Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences and Ferroelectric Lab of the Institute of Molecular Physics of Polish Academy of Sciences. The Seminars are an international forum for presentation of recent results, unconstrained discussions and initiating of joint studies.

Workshop / Po, 26/04/2010 - Út, 27/04/2010

Topics: Repetition-rate X-ray sources with PW pulses; Plasma physics with high-intensity pulses; Biomolecular and medical applications with rep-rate X-ray sources and accelerated particle sources; Electron and proton acceleration, applications; Compact laser-generated-electron injected FEL; Laboratory astrophysics; Quantum dynamics in intense laser fields. For further information please contact kroupovaatfzu [dot] cz.

Konference / Po, 07/09/2009 - Pá, 11/09/2009

While maintaining the traditional scientific topics of the ESOMAT series in focus, in particular the theoretical and experimental research of materials with martensitic transformation (MT), the scientific program of the ESOMAT 2009 conference is organized in groups: A (basic research) and B (applied research). Mathematical modelling (A.2) and recent developments engineering applications (B.3) appear as individual topics within the program to attract researchers working in these directions in the ESOMAT community. The actual conference program may yet slightly change.

Konference / Po, 07/09/2009 - Pá, 11/09/2009

Konference série Esomat jsou nejvýznamnější konference v oboru martenzitických transformací, konkrétně ve slitinách s tvarovou pamětí a ocelích v Evropě. Jsou organizovány od roku 1989 s tříletou periodicitou. Konference Esomat2009 v Praze byla první organizovaná mimo původní země západní Evropy.