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Frontiers of Quantum and Mesoscopic Thermodynamics 2019

Pondělí, 15.07.2019 07:45 - Sobota, 20.07.2019 17:00

Místo: Hotel Pyramida, Bělohorská 24, 169 01 Praha 6
Jazyk: Angličtina
Pořadatelé: FZÚ AV ČR

Frontiers of Quantum and Mesoscopic Thermodynamics (FQMT) is the successful series of the multidisciplinary conferences held in Prague which address non-equilibrium statistical physics, quantum many body physics, foundations of quantum physics and quantum thermodynamics. The title of the conference is historical; its meaning corresponds only partly to topics of the actual FQMT conferences. Traditionally, the FQMT programs feature concerts of classical and jazz music performed by world-class musicians, held at outstanding venues of the city.

The detailed information is presented on the conference website.