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Fyzikální Ústav AV ČR, v. v. i. (FZU; in English: Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences) is a public research institute, oriented on the fundamental and applied research in physics. The founder of the institute is The Czech Academy of Sciences.

The present research programme of the Institute comprises five branches of physics: particle physics, the physics of condensed matter, solid state physics, optics and plasma physics. It also corresponds to the way how the institute is divided into major research divisions.

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Thursday, 28.11.2019

Photos ranging from microscopic images to outputs of computer simulations: employees of the Institute of Physics surprised the Evaluation Committee by a variety of topics. The first prize was awarded to Barbora Smolková for the image of a ghost in a carcinoma cell with a super-resolution confocal microscopy.

Monday, 25.11.2019

On 12-16 November 2019, all main facilities of the Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences (FZU) threw its door open to the public. Visitors could view the laboratory with the strongest laser in the world, observe atoms or test shape memory of alloys.

Friday, 22.11.2019, Photo: Memory of nations

Miloš Lokajíček‘s life journey was closely linked to the historical changes in the 20th century which influenced both his private and professional endeavours. He dedicated his life to developing physical sciences and disseminating Christian values and faith.

Tuesday, 05.11.2019

On the 5th of November 2019, Lukáš Ondič received the Lumina Quaeruntur Premium awarded by the Academy of Sciences. As a result, he will be able to set up a research team at the Institute of Physics to concentrate on the study of new diamond nanophotonic platforms suitable for quantum photonics and sensorics. We asked him about his future plans.

Tuesday, 29.10.2019

The mineral wealth of the Jáchymov deposit has been well-known for almost five centuries due to the German scholar Georgius Agricola. In spite of this, Jakub Plášil and his research team succeeded in discovering and describing more than a dozen of as-yet unknown, mostly uranium-based minerals in the recent years. Their findings are now available in the collective publication titled “Jáchymov – A Mineralogical Jewel of the Ore Mountains” co-authored by Jakub Plášil, Pavel Škácha, and Vladimír Horák.