The work of MOVPE laboratory concentrates on research and development of semiconductor nanoheterostructures based on III-V semiconductors, since 2015 with emphasis on nitride semiconductors.


Semiconductor heterostructures are prepared by metal-organic vapour phase epitaxy (MOVPE). Organometalic precursors and hydrides are used for preparation of binary (compound – GaN, AlN…) or ternary and quaternary (alloyed InGaN, AlInGaN…) layers. High quality and very thin semiconductor layers can be prepared by this method. MOVPE does not require high vacuum conditions which is an advantage for industial use of this technology. The MOVPE apparatus is equipped by in situ diagnostics which help us to monitor growth rate, quality of epitaxial layers and substrate curvature during the epitaxial process.

Technological apparatus Aixtron CCS 3×2 FT and its verical reactor used for preparation of nitride heterostructures.