International conference of ferromagnetic shape memory alloys.

As appraisal and world wide recognition of our work, during fifth International Conference of Ferromagnetic Shape Memory Alloys (ICFSMA) in 2016 in Sendai, Japan, we were asked to organized following conference. Oleg Heczko became a chairman of the international conference committee. The sixth ICFSMA, organized by our department, took place in Prague in June 2019 with great success (the amount of participant increases about third). It confirms that ICFSMA, only worldwide conference dedicated solely to magnetic shape memory phenomena, is world leading event in the field.

Seminar in Ostré

Regular international MSM seminar held annualy in November, the eleventh seminar took place in 2019.

Open Days of the Czech Academy of Sciences

Lectures on superconductivity and magnetic levitation with demonstration.

Open Science

Supervision of Study of the magnetic shape memory phenomenon. This work is also a part of secondary school professional activity.