Equipment for Post-Processing plastic 3D printed parts


The subject matter of this Public Contract is supply (acquisition) of equipment for post-processing plastic parts produced by 3D printing, specifically SLS, MJF, SAF, HSS and FDM/FFF technologies.

The Public Contract is divided into 2 parts:

  • Part 1: Equipment for blasting of plastic parts
  • Part 2: Equipment for chemical smoothing of plastic parts

The subject of Part 1 is the supply of equipment for blasting of plastic parts (two devices or one device for both processes described below). It must (i) remove excess powder from a plastic part and (ii) blast a plastic part to improve its surface quality/to smooth it (roughness reduction, matte finish).

The subject of Part 2 is the supply of equipment for smoothing the surface of plastic parts by evaporation of solvents.