FRAM telescopes

One of the brightest gamma-ray bursts was observed by Czech telescopes


On the night of June 19-20, 2021, visible light from a source 10 billion light-years away from Earth was captured by three telescopes. Two of them – robotic telescopes – are operated by Czech institutions – the D50, located in Ondřejov, is managed by the Astronomical Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences, while the other, FRAM-ORM, is located on the Spanish island of La Palma. The third telescope, Mini-MegaTORTORA, is installed in Nizhny Arkhyz, Russia. An international team has published a study of this extraordinary source in the May issue of Nature Astronomy.

The World´s Largest Astrophysics Array 20th Anniversary


This year marks the 20th anniversary since the founding agreement of the international Pierre Auger Observatory in Argentina has been signed. The celebration ceremony that took place last week in Malargüe was attended not only by a delegation of Czech scientists but also by the Czech Ambassador in Argentina Karel Beran.