Time-resolved cathodoluminescence setup with cooling stage

  • AVTECH AVL-5-B pulse generator - pulse width 8-100 ns
  • Kimbal Physics EGG-3101 electron gun in capacitive beam pulsing mode
  • Hamamatsu R7207-01 PMT with typical anode rise time 1.7 ns and gain 1×E7
  • KEYSIGHT InfiniiVision DSOX6002A oscilloscope


From 2022, an experimental device for measuring time-resolved cathodoluminescence is available in our labs. It is a unique tool for measuring luminescence excited by accelerated electrons. We can therefore measure both spectra and decays. The pulse width can be down to 8 ns, so we can measure relatively fast decays. A temperature stage is also available, so we will be able to measure even at lower temperatures down to 50 K.

Setup for measuring time-resolved cathodoluminescence.

Setup for measuring time-resolved cathodoluminescence.