Skenovací elektronový mikroskop Tescan FERA 3


Scanning electron microscope Tescan FERA 3 is equipped with two sets of electron detectors – conventional and in-beam. It is possible to use low voltage microscopy till 200 V (cathode lens) and low-vacuum microscopy up to pressure 500 Pa of nitrogen in the chamber. SEM has EDS detector, EBSD camera and allows EBIC measurements. The group is able to prepare metallography. Plasma Xe-FIB is dedicated to micro and nano-manipulation, the minimal width of the ion beam is 100 nm, nevertheless, both pillars and TEM lamellae can be prepared. Available id 3D destructive tomography with imaging option and EDS / EBSD mapping. The deformation stage (2 kN), nanoindenter and limited heating stage (Peltier element) can be used.

odd 17 SEM Tescan FERA3 detail komory
Skenovací Elektronový Mikroskop - Tescan FERA3 detail komory