Laboratory for sample preparation for EM - I

odd_17 přístoje pro přípravu vzorků pro elektronovu mikroskopii

Laboratory is equipped with instruments for sample preparation for scanning and transmission electron microscopy. It is possible to prepare both powder and bulk samples including thin layers. Mainly samples of metals and alloys, semiconductors, superconductors, oxide materials and minerals, but also other inorganic material.

The following instruments are available:

  • Struers LectroPol-5, TenuPol-5 for electrolytic polishing and etching of metallographic specimens,
  • Gatan 685 PECS for ion pollishing aand coating for SEM,
  • Gatan 691 PIPS for ion pollishing and coating for TEM,
  • plasma cleaner South Bay PC-2000 for cleaning of sapmples and holders for TEM.