Computing Center – Cluster Goliáš


Clusters Goliáš (8000 computational cores with HT in 2019), cluster LUNA2013 (752 computational cores without HT in 2019), cluster LUNA2019 (2048 computational cores without HT in 2019), disc storage 5 PB in total.

Computing center operates grid Tier-2 center for particle and astroparticle projects (LHC experiments ATLAS and ALICE, Fermilab experiments NOva and DUNE, Pierre Auger observatory, Cherenkov Telescope Array). Computation cluster available for local and grid users had at the end of 2019 the capacity of 8000 computing cores. Other clusters LUNA2013 and LUNA2019 with a total capacity of 2800 computing cores were included in the national grid project Metacentrum and were meant primarily for users from the FZU for parallel jobs which calculates material characteristics.