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Thursday, 26.10.2017 14:00

Jan Ebr (Institute of Physics of the Academy of sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague)


Multiple experiments suggest that the current models of high-energy interactions do not correctly predict the number of muons at ground in cosmic-ray initiated air showers. I will present two models aiming to address this issue, one based on the addition of particles with small momenta to some hadronic interactions, the other on the addition of the so-called dark photons to the electromagnetic part of the shower. In an seemingly radical switch of topic, I will also explain the advantages of using stellar photometry for atmospheric monitoring in air-shower...

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Tuesday, 07.11.2017 16:00

Alexander Schwarz ( Institute of Nanostructure and Solid State Physics, University of Hamburg, Jungiusstrasse 11, 20355 Hamburg)

Over that past 10 years, my coworkers and I developed a new versatile tool to study magnetic phenomena with atomic resolution, i.e., magnetic exchange force microscopy (MExFM) [1]. In contrast to magnetic force microscopy (MFM), which probes the long-range dipolar magnetostatic interaction, it is sensitive to the electron-mediated short-range magnetic exchange interaction between neighboring spins [2]. As a force microscopy based technique, it can - unlike spin-polarized scanning tunneling microscopy (SP-STM) - also be applied to nonconductive surfaces.

In my presentation, I will...

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