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Division of Optics

Division of Optics is focused on research
- of physical properties classical and quantum aspects of propagation of optical radiation
- on the research of optical structures, materials and technologies.

The research in classical optics is concentrated mainly on
- holography
- statistical behaviour of light beams
- fractal optics.

In the area of quantum optics, various types of sources of quantum correlated photon pairs have been designed, and the field of quantum information is focused on measurement of overlaps, fidelity and purity.

Detection of weak and ultraweak irradiation down to one photon, including its characterization together with quantum teleportation and copying is also studied.

The research of optical materials of selected doped oxide crystals, films and nanostructures is targeted mainly on anomalous behaviour of optical properties depending on structure, doping and preparation technology in close connection with the development of new opto-plasmatic technologies.

Research in X-ray optics is focused on crystal optics for synchrotron radiation.

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