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Division of Condensed Matter Physics

The research objective of the Division of Condensed Matter is a deeper and comprehensive understanding of dynamical and co-operative phenomena in condensed matter with a significant breaking of translational symmetry due to a reduced dimensionality, dot and line singularities, impurities and disorder in spatial ordering. We are predominantly interested in extreme situations and in materials with outstanding microscopic or macroscopic properties. On the microscopic level we study electronic structure and transport properties of transition and heavy metals and their alloys, dilute magnetic semiconductors and frustrated spin systems. Macroscopically, we investigate spectral and thermodynamic properties of dielectrics and ferroelectrics, their tunability by external time-dependent fields. We analyze and characterize macroscopic properties of soft metallic and non-metallic, crystalline and amorphous magnetic compounds. We perform in situ measurements of grains and their boundaries, phase interfaces and impurity clusters in metals and metallic alloys. We also intensively analyze, design and prepare functional materials such as nanocomposites, superconductors, liquid crystals, shape memory alloys and biointerfaces, with properties promising technological applications. We use the synergy of strong theoretical background, high-quality experimental equipments, long-term experience and erudition of the researchers and the technical staff, as well as the ability to adapt the incentives to the demands and needs of the modern technological development.

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