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Division of Condensed Matter Physics

The research in the Condensed Matter Division focusses on theoretical and experimental investigation of the structure and properties of solids, mainly multiferoics, dielectrics, piezoelectrics, liquid crystals, advanced engineering materials as shape memory alloys, diamond coatings and magnetic Heusler materials and thin films.

The theoretical research focuses on electronic and crystalline structure of solids and on their interrelations, on optical properties of crystals, and on charge transport in inhomogeneous media including fast transient phenomena. Special attention is paid to the changes of structure and physical properties of solids brought about by phase, magnetic and dielectric transitions.

Significant share of Division activities is devoted to the development and applications of advanced experimental methods, particularly scanning and transmission electron microscopy, x-ray and neutron diffraction, spectroscopic and chromatographic methods for evaluation of chemical composition and measurement of magnetic and physical properties of solids in extremely wide temperature range from few K up to 1300K. A very important part of the Division is a modern Mechanical workshop.

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