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Charge Carrier Injection Electroluminescence with COFunctionalized Tips on Single Molecular Emitters

J. Doležal, P. Merino, J. Redondo, L. Ondič, A. Cahlík, M. Švec

Charge carrier transport in nanomaterials

P. Kužel and H. Němec

Controlling the magnetic coercivity by heat treatment in Heusler Ni-Mn-Ga(-B) single crystals exhibiting magnetic shape memory effect

L. Straka, L. Fekete, M. Ramesa, E. Belas, O. Heczko

Current-induced spin-orbit torques in ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic systems

A. Manchon, J. Železný, I. M. Miron, T. Jungwirth, J. Sinova, A. Thiaville, K. Garello, P. Gambardella

Electromagnetic Burst Generation during Annihilation of Magnetic Field in Relativistic Laser-Plasma Interaction

Y. J. Gu, F. Pegoraro, P. V. Sasorov, D. Golovin, A. Yogo, G. Korn, and S. V. Bulanov

Electron diffraction determines molecular absolute configuration in a pharmaceutical nanocrystal

P. Brázda, L. Palatinus, M. Babor

Experiments and theory focusing unrecoverable cubic to monoclinic martensitic transformation in NiTi at high temperatures

L. Heller, P. Šittner, P. Sedlák, H. Seiner, O. Tyc, L. Kadeřávek, P. Sedmák, M. Vronka,

First determination of the rho parameter at sqrt(s) = 13 TeV: probing the existence of a colourless C-odd three-gluon compound state

Antchev, G., Aspell, P., Atanassov, I. et al., Jan Kašpar, Vojtěch Kundrát, Miloš Lokajíček

First measurement of neutrino oscillation parameters using neutrinos and antineutrinos by NOvA

M. A. Acero et al. (NOvA Collaboration, z FZU P. Filip, M. Lokajíček, J. Zálešák)

First realization of controlled quantum teleportation

A. Barasiński et al. 

High-flux source of coherent XUV pulses for user applications

O. Hort, M. Albrecht, V. E. Nefedova, O. Finke, D. D. Mai, S. Reyné, F. Giambruno, F. Frassetto, L. Poletto, J. Andreasson, J. Gautier, S. Sebban, J. Nejdl

Imaging and writing magnetic domains in the non-collinear antiferromagnet Mn<sub>3</sub>Sn

Reichlova, H., Janda, T., Godinho, J. et al. (z FZU J. Godinho, D. KriegnerJ. Železný, Z. Šobáň, T. Jungwirth, J. Wunderlich)