Obtaining Precision Constraints on Modified Gravity with Helioseismology


The explanation of dark energy requires extending General Relativity. A striking prediction of general theories in this regard is that the gravitational law is modified within compact astrophysical objects, through a fifth-force effect. Here, we proposed helioseismology as a novel precision probe of the fifth force at local scales. With the aid of helioseismic simulations, we showed how the observed frequencies of solar pulsations can significantly improve previous constraints on the fifth-force strength, in turn providing invaluable new insights for the nature of dark energy.


Cosmological parameters of general scalar-tensor theories
The figure shows the expected constraints on the cosmological parameters of general scalar-tensor theories for dark energy theories from helioseismology (taken from I. D. Saltas & I. Lopes, PRL 2019)

Contact: Ippocratis Saltas