New material for 5G mobile networks


Epitaxial strained thin films of (SrTiO3)n-1(BaTiO3)1SrO were grown on DyScO3 substrates using molecular beam epitaxy. The best microwave dielectric properties were discovered in samples with n= 6. Permittivity exhibits huge tuning using electric field and  microwave dielectric loss is anomalously low. Unique properties were confirmed using first-principles calculations and by experimental observation of the soft mode behavior in THz region. These films are ideal for components in 5G networks.

Crystal structures of investigated thin films.

Schema of crystal structures of investigated (SrTiO3)n-1(BaTiO3)1SrO films and their view in scanning transmission electron microscope. Yellow octahedra depict TiO6 layers, green and red points mark atoms of Sr and Ba.

Contact person: Stanislav Kamba
Collaborating institutions: Prof. D.G. Schlom from the Cornell University and other American and German institutions.