Research and development of new scintillation materials in the form of single crystals, ceramics, thin films or microcrystalline powders


The main part of our group's activity is dedicated to bulk single crystal and ceramic scintillators, as well as scintillators in the form of thin layers or microcrystalline powders, which can find usage in various application fields in science, industry or medicine. It is mainly about the complete characterization of scintillation and optical properties, measurement of thermal stability of emission features and explanation of observed phenomena using phenomenological models. The materials include halides – for example, SrI2 doped with Eu2+ ions, undoped Cs2HfCl6, oxide materials such as multicomponent garnets and perovskites doped with Ce3+ or Pr3+ ions, silicates doped with Ce3+ ions, or materials based on multicomponent zirconates and hafnates.

Photographs of LuAG-based ceramics doped with Ce3+ (0.2 % atomic percent) and Mg2+ (0.2 % atomic percent) ions annealed in air at various temperatures. The samples were polished and their dimensions were 14.4 mm in diameter and 1 mm in thickness; (a) without annealing, (b) 1000 °C, (c) 1150 °C, (d) 1300 °C, (e) 1450 °C.
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