Phosphors usable for the construction of solid-state lasers


As an entirely new and interesting option for the construction of solid-state lasers, we have begun to investigate the optical and vibrational properties of KLuS2-based ternary sulphides doped with Tm3+ and Yb3+ ions, known for their infrared emission. The measured Raman spectra showed that the KLuS2 matrix has a very low phonon energy (Eph ~ 220 cm-1), which results in certain emission transitions (some of the 4f → 4f Tm3+ transition) observed in the emission spectra, which are inaccessible in the matrices with higher phonons energy. This makes these ternary sulphides suitable candidates for the construction of solid-state lasers in infrared spectral range.

Raman spectra of undoped KLuS2 and KLu0.62Tm0.38S2 sample
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