Nanoparticle-cell and nanomaterial-cell interactions


The effect of nanoparticles on cellular functions is influenced by the adhesion of nanoparticles to cells, of the uptake by the cells and the subcellular distribution. These processes depend strongly on the characteristics of the nanoparticles (as nanoparticle material, size, surface functionality). However, many aspects are still unknown. Therefore, we perform a fundamental investigation in which these parameters are varied systematically and the biological impact is assessed. Specifically, we explore in detail the uptake mechanisms by the cell and their dependencies on the physical properties of the nanoparticle (size, shape) and its surface chemistry (chemical functions, charge, and polarity). Subsequently, we study how nanoparticles are processed within the cell (transport mechanisms, association with organelles, degradation), and responses of the cell to nanoparticle incorporation.

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