Multifunctional properties of intermetallic alloys based on Ni-Mn-Sn


Project is focused on the basic research of multifunctional properties of alloys based on Ni2Mn1+xSn1-x, prepared in crystalline, powdered and monocrystalline (highly homogenous) form. The influence of preparation and size of crystallite on magneto-structural (martensitic) transition in this alloys. Diffusionless martensitic transition is connected with pronounced changes of electrical and thermal conductivity, magnetoresistance, Seebeck, Hall and magnetocaloric effect a thus plays an important role in understanding and optimization of the functional properties of this alloys. In pursuit of understanding and harnessing these multifunctional properties we will mainly employ the application of high pressure and high magnetic field to obtain new information necessary to complete this project. Experimental research will be complemented by quantum mechanical calculation of thermodynamic and magnetic properties, transport phenomena and effects of grain boundaries and surfaces on the macroscopic properties of the studied materials. 

Model krystalové mříže sloučenin na bázi Ni-Mn-Sn v kubické (vysokoteplotní) a orthorhombické (nízkoteplotní) struktuře.

Models of crystal structure of Ni-Mn-Sn based alloys in cubic (high temperature) and orthorhombic (low temperature) phase. 

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