Micromechanical resonators with intentionally changeable physical and mechanical properties applicable in various biomaterials and physical sensors


Research program aiming at development of nanocantilevers incorporating NiTi thin films and multilayered structures for smart sensors utilizing nonlinear mechanical properties of NiTi had successfully started and brought first promising results [1-3].

Scheme of a NiTi/Si nanocantilever containing NiTi thin film layer and absolute frequency shift Δf of the nanoresonator calculated as a function of effective elastic modulus (Eeff_0)0.5 for the length of the nanocantilever L = 10 μm [1].

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[3] I. Stachiv, P. Sittner, Y.R. Jeng, D. Vokoun, Active frequency tuning of the cantilever nanoresonator utilizing a phase transformation of NiTi thin film. Journal of Vibroengineering 19 (2017) 7

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