Magnetic properties of soft ferromagnetic materials


Study of the influence of mechanical stress (pressure) on hysteresis loops of Fe-3% Si undirected steel and thin strips. Observation of magnetic domains.

Magnetické křivky pod napětím

Příklad měření magnetických křivek pod napětím. Na pravé straně je ukázána odpovídající magnetická doménová struktura

Study of magnetic domains, magnetoacoustic emission and Barkhausen noise on materials combining ferroelastic and ferromagnetic behavior - Ni-Mn-Ga.

A fast PXI card based measurement system for Barkhausen noise, acoustic emission, eddy current and reversible permeability at various frequencies and GMIs up to 100 kHz was prepared. Target - detection of magnetic properties of surface layers on steels and other magnetic materials.

A measurement system was prepared to measure the dilatation, resistivity, and ac susceptibility of samples (e.g., Ni-Mn-Ga) at different temperatures.

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