Development of in-situ rtg a neutron diffraction for engineering applications


Dedicated x-ray and neutron diffraction methods can be used for noninvasive reconstruction of the grain microstructure of polycrystalline materials, for evaluation of distribution of phases and internal stresses in in polycrystals under external loads. The methods became know as 3D-XRD and 3DND microscopy methods. We have been involved in the development of such experimental methods [1-3] in frame of the Czech participation in construction of European Spallation Source in Lund Sweden in collaboration with world renoknwn experts from ESRF,PSI, ESS and DTU. P. Sedmák was awarded by PhD project for application of 3D-XRD methods from ESRF Grenoble [1]. We obtained support from J-PARC neutron source in Japan for long term experiment 2020-23 on TOF single crystal diffractometer SENJU focused on development of TOF 3DND methods[2,3].

Application of 3DND Laue method 3D reconstruction of grain microstructure of CoNiGa ferromagnetic alloy. Example of Laue pattern of extruded sample (a) and thermomechanically treated sample (b). c)reconstructed grain microstructure of thermomechanically treated sample with colore denoting the orientation of crystal lattice in a grain. D) Inverse pole figures show orientation of grains in stereographic triangle.

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