Development of new nanocomposite scintillation materials


As a part of another research topic we are developing new nanocomposite scintillation materials that have practical potential in medical applications such as positron emission tomography with time of flight (TOF-PET) or X-ray photodynamic therapy (PDTX). Examples of such materials are, for example, Zn(Cd;Mg)O doped with gallium ions, CeF3 doped with Tb3+ ions, Lu3Al5O12 doped with Ce3+ or Pr3+ ions, or undoped CsPbX3 (where X = F, Cl, Br or their combination). Within industrial applications we study, for example, heterostructures based on InGaN/GaN quantum wells.

Schéma produkce singletního kyslíku s použitím scintilačních nanočástic při rentgenové fotodynamické terapii.
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