Development of new detectors (CALICE)

CALICE Collaboration
CALICE Collaboration

We participate in the CALICE (link is external) project, which aims at developing calorimeters with high granularity. We specialize in calibration and monitoring systems and data acquisition systems. These calorimeters are used in the detector ILD (link is external) for the future ILC (link is external) accelerator and in the detector CMS at LHC at CERN. We also participate in European project AIDA-2020 (link is external) (Advanced European Infrastructures for Detectors at Accelerators).

We cooperate with other departments of the Division in sensor characterization (SiPM, APD), the development of detectors and electronic circuitry for new projects. We develop detector components, such as space-efficient radiation-resistant low-voltage power supplies.


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