Development of high-energy class diode-pumped solid-state lasers and associated technologies


The main objective of this research program is the development of next generation high-energy class diode-pumped solid-state lasers. The first operation of Bivoj system at the end of 2016 demonstrated amplification of 10 ns pulses at 10 Hz pulse repetition rate up to an energy of 105 J at 1029.5 nm, representing the world's first kW average power, high-energy, single beam nanosecond pulsed diode pumped solid-state laser. We are also developing associated laser technologies, which include e.g. high-power optical isolators, adaptive optics, and characterization of laser materials at cryogenic temperatures.

Efficient, high energy, pulsed laser systems operating at high pulse repetition rates (10 Hz and beyond) are required for a wide range of industrial and scientific applications, including advanced materials processing, laser shock treatment of mechanical components, and pumping of ultra-high intensity fs petawatt-class lasers to generate high-brightness secondary radiation (x-ray, gamma-ray) and particle (electron, proton, ion, muon) sources. These secondary sources have great potential applications for novel medical therapies and in high-resolution radiography, and in advanced imaging for industrial and security sectors.

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High-power laser amplifier of Bivoj.
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RNDr. Martin Hanuš, PhD.

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