Determination of purity of liquid crystalline materials


In the synthesis of liquid crystalline materials the emphasis is on high purity of the resulting products before measuring their physical characteristics. To control purity on an analytical scale, achiral high performance liquid chromatography in normal mode is used to develop and optimize the conditions of these analyzes. Separation on an achiral preparative high performance chromatographic column in normal mode is again used to remove residues of difficult-to-separate impurities. Both instruments are equipped with UV-VIS detectors with the possibility to measure 2D spectra.
For photosensitive liquid crystalline materials prepared in the group of organic materials synthesis of our department, the ratio of E - Z isomers is also chromatographically determined. We also measure spectral characteristics of substances using UV-VIS spectrometry.

Determination of % Z-isomer content at time of UV irradiation

Determination of % Z-isomer content at time of UV irradiation (a) and determination of relaxation time of Z-isomer (b) by high performance liquid chromatography


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