Thin films for optoelectronics - preparation and defects investigation


Project deals preparation of thin films of perspective materials for optoelectronics and utilization of non-destructive contactless techniques based on stimulated electron emission for their properties characterization. We will investigate thin films of doped ZnO and fluorides, Heusller alloys and phthalocyanines. The characterization techniques are directed to measure the electron work function (to characterize surface potential), distribution of the electron states density (photoemission); thermal induced relaxation of the films (exoemission). Thin films will be prepared by PVD techniques, ie. magnetron sputtering, evaporation and pulsed laser deposition. Thermal and laser annealing of the films will be performed and studied its influence on their properties. The investigation will provide better understanding on the character and amount of defects in the films that strongly alternate their functional properties. The results will be important toward development more efficient thermally and optically stable devices for optoelectronics.