Tailored oxide and halide scintillators for medical imaging, security and high energy physics


Scintillation materials are used for detection of high energy photons, accelerated charged particles or neutrons in high energy and nuclear physics, medical imaging, security techniques, defectoscopy and high-tech industry. In this project, recent developments in the field of garnets consisting in material optimization by compositional tuning and codoping made in collaboration of proposers will be applied for fiber-type scintillators of this kind. Prepared by innovative micro-pulling down technique at Japanese team they will be compared with Czochralski grown crystals to evaluate practical potential of the former technique. At least 10 cm long fibers with diameter of few mm will be prepared. Czech team will perform an extended characterization by optical and magnetic spectroscopies. Furthermore, completely novel topic, heavy hafnium based multicomponent halides, is included. These materials are aimed for security-related applications. Details of scintillation mechanism and specific bottlenecks caused by the preparation technology will be studied and application potential evaluated.