Synthesis of transition metal oxide nanoparticles, their plasma treatment and study of photoelectrical and photocatalytic properties


The aim of the project is the preparation of transition metal oxides nanoparticles (NPs) and their use in hybrid composites with biopolymers. Polysaccharides reduce the aggregation of NPs, exhibit antibacterial activity, increase the photocatalytic activity of metal oxides NPs and are compatible with many principles of green chemistry. The plasma treatment effects many NPs properties such as adsorption of molecules, surface electronic states and defects, etc., which are expected to influence optical and electrical properties. NPs will be prepared by the Slovak team at the Institute of Chemistry in Bratislava and the plasma treatment will be provided by the Czech participant at the Institute of Physics in Prague. We are going to apply optical vibration, absorption and photoluminescence spectroscopy as well as electrical measurements to clarify correlation between adsorbed molecules and surface electronic states. Finally, we will test the photocatalytic activity of plasma treated hybrid NPs by degradation of reference substances (dyes, common drug residues).