Research and Development of New Radiation Generation and Charged Particles by Ultra-Intense Laser Fields (LaserGen)


The main objective of the project is to build 2 new research teams led by 2 prominent foreign scientists from prestigious scientific research institutions (MPQ and DESY, Germany) focused on research and application of very strong electromagnetic fields generated by femtosecond class lasers. The activities of both research teams will contribute to the transfer of unique know-how in the field of physics of very intense light fields and their application in the generation of qualitatively new sources of X-rays and accelerated charged particles. Target groups are scientific and research staff, PhD and undergraduate students working in institutions outside of capital city of Prague. Knowledge transfer will be realized by organizing seminars/workshops and professional excursions. Realized activities play significant role in building expertise in the International Laser Centre ELI (Extreme Light Infrastructure).

Detailed information about LaserGen project (OP EC 2):

This project has been funded with support from the European Social Fond and from Government Budget of the Czech Republic