Quenched nano-fragmented domain states of antiferromagnet explored with high spatial and temporal resolution (AFQuench)


The aim of the AFQuench project is to provide fundamental physical understanding of our recently discovered switching mechanism in antiferromagnets in which the system is quenched by electrical or optical pulses into metastable high-resistive nano-fragmented domain states. This type of switching represents a new branch in antiferromagnetic spintronics which is principally distinct from the earlier concepts of ferromagnetic or antiferromagnetic memory devices based on electrical reorientation of the collective magnetic order vector. AFQuench will aim to identify the microscopic origin of our new quench-switching mechanism by exploiting the synergy of expertise of the Czech and German partners in the development and application of complementary, beyond state-of-the-art magnetic imaging techniques with high spatial and temporal resolutions. The potential impact of our project is multidisciplinary with implications ranging from memory-logic devices beyond conventional digital electronics to ultra-fast optical switching technologies.