Printed heterogeneous gas sensor arrays with enhanced sensitivity and selectivity


The aim is a fundamental study of highly sensitive and selective printed gas sensor arrays based on novel hybrid n-type metal oxide (MOX)/p-type diamond materials. Material, electronic and gas sensing properties of hybrid structures prepared by localized growth will be studied. Various hybrid structures (ZnO/-, CeO2/- and SnO2/diamond) will be grown, their electrical and optical properties will be established. Physical models of gas interaction with MOX/diamond structures will be developed to understand the detection mechanisms and to optimize the gas sensing performances. Gas sensor arrays of optimized heterogenous sensing structures will be printed on flexible substrates and evaluated by pattern recognition algorithms to achieve higher sensitivity and selectivity to selected gases (NO2, NH3, CO and VOCs). Results will allow development of novel monitoring system for detection of harmful gases with higher sensitivity, selectivity and stability. New knowledge in the field of flexible and printed electronics of MOX /diamond system is an opportunity for realization of wearable sensors.