Plasmonic biosensors advanced by diamond nanostructures (PLABIODIAM)


In our present bilateral project we will focus on the plasmonic study of polycrystalline diamond nanostructures on metal films. The project aims at novel structures that combine metallic and diamond nanostructures for sensitive optical spectroscopy-based detection of molecular analytes. Nanostructures composed of gold and synthetic diamond will be prepared and tailored for direct and fluorescence spectroscopy-based detection of molecular analytes. The extraordinary high refractive index (~2.4) of diamond is expected to provide large refractive index contrast that can be used for the coupling of light to surface plasmons, design of plasmonic crystals, and efficient near field interaction with fluorescence emitters that cannot be achieved with conventional plasmonic structures. The involvement of complementary oriented research teams will allow a realization of unique experiments and scientific fiends which can provide bases for further joint projects.