Opto-electronic processes in photovoltaic structures interacting with nanodiamonds (SONDIAM)


The project aims at the study of opto-electronic processes in nanodiamonds (NDs) and their modification by a phyiscally-chemical interaction with materials that will be selected with the view of NDs application in photovoltaics. NDs will be prepared in different versions (size, surface termination). To study the influence of the materiál presence the samples will be fabricated in various designs (layers NDs/materiál, blend of NDs+materiál). Opto-electronic processes will be studied by microscopic (photo-C-AFM, photo-KPFM) as well as macroscopic (current-voltage characteristics under illumination) methods. They will be complemented by Raman micro-spectroscopy to characterize chemical changes in the systems. It is expected that the project will enhance the knowledge of fundamental opto-electronic processes in NDs and how they may be used in applications.