A Multiple-Scattering Computing Platform For (Nano) Materials (MSNano)


The principal objective of the present IRSES project is to set up, through an exchange programme, not only lasting collaborations that will be constructed on the basis of existing bilateral projects, but also a common computing platform for the characterization of materials with spectroscopies. This platform, based on a dedicated website from which codes, manuals, courses, etc., will be freely downloadable, is thought to be perennial; it will continue its activity after the completion of the project. It is designed as an interrelated set of advanced tools for the interpretation of spectroscopies based in particular on synchrotron radiation (SR) and X-ray free electron laser (XFEL) facilities. The common feature between all the codes will be that they will rely on the same framework of multiple scattering (MS) theory.

This project is financed by EU.

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