Materials science beamline at synchrotron Elettra in Trieste (ELETTRA - MSB)


The main goal of the project is to continue the activities of the Optical Pathway of Materials Research (MSB) as a full-fledged scientific infrastructure of the "open access" type, which will be open to scientific teams from the Czech Republic and abroad. The MSB will enable basic research in the study of materials, including nanomaterials, by photoelectron spectroscopy with a tunable soft X-ray source. Another goal is to improve equipment and its development to expand the range of experiments using new experimental techniques (eg photoelectron diffraction and EXAFS) and to build other auxiliary equipment for sample characterization by additional methods (eg thermodesorption spectroscopy, ion scattering, exposure of samples at high pressures) . The MSB will enable Czech researchers to continue to use a unique method in a relatively wide range. Thanks to support from the INGO project, in addition to high-quality equipment, high-quality staff will also be available to scientists, and thus the equipment will be used effectively by scientists who are not experienced in operating such complex equipment.