Material research in complex multipole magnets (NA)

Our experimental materials research program aims at demonstrating crystal, magnetic, and electronic structures of complex multipole magnets beyond the dipole-moment ferromagnets. By this we will open a new magnetism-based arena for exploring and exploiting at ambient conditions quasiparticles and their interactions akin to a range of physical science fields from axion electrodynamics or graphene ultra-relativistic Dirac quasiparticles to d-wave superconductivity. From an information technology perspective, complex multipole magnets are envisaged to enrich areas including neuromorphic computing, ultra-fast memory-logic, dissipationless microelectronics, or energy harvesting thermo-electrics. Although still in its infancy, the extensive materials landscape of complex multipole magnets lends the field a potential to outgrow, on both fundamental and applied levels, the traditional field of magnetism navigated for thousands of years along a narrow path of dipole-moment ferromagnets.