Magnetism and thermomagnetic phenomena of iron nitrides


The synthesis of iron nitrides Fe(x)N (x=3-8) phases is a promising way to magnetic materials from abundant sources. Their magnetically ordered state is stable to high temperatures and exhibits high saturated magnetization, while the coercivity varies depending on the composition and microstructure. In addition, the coupling between the localized moments and spins of charge carriers affects the electrical properties. All this predetermines the focus of the project, both towards the use of magnetic properties of selected Fe(x)N nanoparticles and their biocompatibility for biomedical applications, and towards basic research aimed at optimization of thermo-magnetic properties (anomalous Nernst and spin Seebeck effect) and their application. The materials will be prepared in the form of nanoparticles and thin layers. The aim of the project will be to optimize the magnetic and thermo-magnetic properties of Fe(x)N depending on the degree of Fe-N disorder, microstructure and doping with other transition metals. Experimental results will be compared with electronic structure calculations.