Laboratory for preparation and characterization of nitride semiconductor heterostructures (LABONIT)


Project will enable to built new and in CR unique laboratory for preparation and characterizetion of semiconductor nanostructures based on GaN. Laboratory will be used for both, basic as well as application research. Nitride semiconductors are nowadays msot interesting and promising semiconductors from application point of view, whic enable preparation of blue and UV LEDs and laser diodes (white illumination, computer or cellular phone screens) transistors for high power, high voltage and high frequency applications as well as for electronics working at high temperatures or in ionizing radiation conditions (electrical automotive industry, 5G internet, detection of ionizing radiation).Nitride semiconductors are assumed to be strategic material. There is an interest in cooperation in nitride technology of Czech industrial partners (On Semiconductor and Crytur). The built laboratoru will be used also for student education from different universities. These students can find a jobs in Czech industry. The project requires aquisition of research type of technological MOVPE (metal-organic vapour phase epitaxy) apparatus for epitaxy of nitride nanoheterostructures enabling epitaxy in temperatures above 1000°C. Some smaller building adaptation. Laboratory will be completed by new diagnostic equipment enabling combination of imaging (SNOM) and spectral methods (Raman and micro-photoluminescence) with high spectral and space resolution and possibility of measurements in wide temperature range from He tempearatures up to room temperature. This will enable to study simultaneously the morphology, composition and luminescence properties of heterostructures. Results of characterization will be used for studying of nitride heterostrucure properties and as the feedback for technologist in the process of development of heterostructures with new properties for new applications.

Detailed information about LABONIT Project: