Extreme Light Infrastructure - ELI Beamlines


The main goal of ELI Beamlines is to be a multidisciplinary, user-oriented research infrastructure to carry out revolutionary scientific experiments and applications in a variety of fields, including physics and astrophysics, chemistry, biology, material sciences, and medicine through a combination of advanced ultra-high-intensity synchronized short laser pulses and auxiliary resources particles or X-ray. ELI Beamlines will provide research capabilities with a wide range of high-end ultra high-intensity laser-driven secondary sources. These secondary sources, and especially those based on completely new concepts, will produce pulses of radiation of the highest intensity and quality of the beam, including electromagnetic radiation in a wide range and charged particles such as electrons, protons and ions. Therefore, a wide range of new applications can be expected. The results of scientific experiments and theoretical research conducted by members of scientific groups over the past period have led to a significant number of publications in high-ranking periodicals (eg Physical Review or Physical Review Letters Physics of Plasma). In particular, the theoretical research of high-intensity radiation interaction reveals promising results for future experiments. The amount of computational codes and computing resources provided by the installed computing cluster and cooperating computing centers in the Czech Republic and Germany will be available to help users set appropriate experiment parameters or interpret possible experimental results. ELI has 6 research activities.

The Importance of ELI BEAMLINES Large Research Infrastructure At the national level, the location of ELI Beamlines was supported by Government Resolution No. 15141 of 24 November 2008, as it builds on an extremely successful long-term program of research on Czech physics and Czech engineering and also opens new perspectives for other areas of research. This fact was also reflected in the preparation of the Czech Republic’s Large Research Infrastructures Roadmap in 2010 and in its current update for 2016-2022. The ELI Beamlines value is reflected in its inclusion in the National Research and Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialization of the Czech Republic emphasis on the development of research, training of new professionals and cooperation with the private sphere of individual regions. Similarly, the implementation of ELI Beamlines meets the guidelines of the National Research, Development and Innovation Policy of the Czech Republic for 2016-2020, especially with regard to creating conditions for the development of excellent research centres worldwide, strengthening internationalization and openness of public research, ensuring high-quality human resources for research and cooperation between the private and public sector VaVal. ELI Beamlines also builds on several priorities outlined in the National Priorities of Oriented Research, Experimental Development and Innovation, with particular emphasis on the competitiveness of the Czech economy, sustainable energy and population health. To this, thanks to extensive international cooperation, it provides high-quality researchers and stimulates the research environment of the Czech Republic

ELI Beamlines will provide new educational and training opportunities for generations of students and younger scientists in the field of lasers, interaction-light with matter and photonics. ELI-CZ consortium was established to maximize the impact of ELI in the Czech Republic. It consists of 14 leading universities and research institutes of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and coordinates the preparation of individual research programs, educational and training programs for students and the development of major technologies.