European support of the Czech participation in construction of CTA observatory II (CTA-CZ) (CTAO_II_CZ)


The project aims to modernize and upgrade existing infrastructure with new or modernized instrumentation. The aim is to equip important research and production processes in the field of the large aperture reflective surfaces. Mainly the testing of the optical, mechanical, etc. parameters. Upgrade of the instrumentation for activities of monitoring of the local atmospheric parameters of the future CTA observatories and equipment for testing new photodetectors used within the CTA observatory. Furthermore, equipment for calibration of photodetectors with the integration within the calibration campaigns of the photosensitive detectors of the CTA observatory telescopes. It is very important to upgrade the existing infrastructure and complete it to meet the needs and requirements of the Czech Republic participation in the CTA project, where the Czech Republic already has a relatively unique position.

Top scientific projects place a great emphasis on the top instrumental equipment and sustainable development. The implementation of the modernized infrastructure in the Czech Republic within the project includes the availability of the laboratories and instrumentation, together with the acquired know-how of scientist of the Institute of Physics, CAS (FZÚ) to solve current advanced and excellent experimental, theoretical scientific assignment in the field at the excellent level. The newly acquired equipment will serve not only the members of the research team, but also the employees of the project applicant and, last but not least, the large community of the CTA observatory members. Furthermore, it will be possible to use the knowledge and experience of the research team of scientists and employees of the Institute of Physics by transferring these acquired benefits. The overlap of the existing activities of the research team (eg monitoring of atmospheric parameters of the night sky) into other physical disciplines is showing already today. The research team involves young scientists, PhD students and postdoctoral students in its activities and thus contributes to the development of the astroparticle community in the Czech Republic.

This project is co-financed by EU.